clean beauty label Questions & Answers

clean beauty label

Q: what is clean beauty?
A: clean beauty cosmetics avoid raw material under discusion (see ICADA-blacklist)

Q: Is clean beauty equivalent to free from….?
A: Yes, clean beauty is free from….all the substances listed in the ICDA-blacklist

Q: how do I know, that my cosmetic product is clean?
A: Check the packaging, jar, bottle or container for the „clean“-label, which garantees the product to be clean, or ask your supplier to register for the clean-label, if his products are really clean.

Q: how is clean beauty defined?
A. Clean Beauty is defined by products that are mindfully created and produced without any proven or suspected ingredients. Clean Beauty products include ingredients ethically sourced and are made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind.

Q: What is non-toxic beauty?
A: Non-toxic is a claim without any meaning. cosmetic products are non toxic by definition and the safety is documented by safety assessments for each and every cosmetic product on the European market. Anyway, there are self authorized experts denigrating by the time beeing a set of more than 1.300 cosmetic ingedients. ICADA listed these denigrated (see ICADA-clean beauty blacklist) and gives away the quality label „clean“, if the company demonstrated not to have blacklist ingredients in the clean beauty product.

A: are all products claimed to be „clean“ really clean?
A: No, just the contrary. Not all so called „clean beauty“-products are really clean. Serious clean cosmetic products got to be controlled by an independant organisation like ICADA (see and labeld by an authorised quality label like „clean“ granted by ICADA

Q: What Does „Non-toxic“ Mean For Beauty Products?
A: Nothing but consumer fraud.

Q: which products arereally „clean“
A: all products label by the quality-label „Clean“/ICADA are clean. There might be others, but no netral organisations guarantees for them.

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